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About Enduring

There’s a saying in manufacturing, and it applies to financial services as well:"You can have it good, cheap, or fast. Pick any two." The reality is that most successful businesses fall into one of these three categories:

  1. You can have it good and cheap, but you may have to wait a bit on delivery.
  2. You can have it cheap and fast, but it won’t be high quality.
  3. You can have it good and fast, but it will cost you!
Businesses have to choose where they want to excel, unless they want to be moderately cheap, moderately good, and moderately fast. And that doesn’t tend to be a recipe for success.

Enduring Investments is an exception. As a boutique manager specializing in inflation-related products and markets, we produce strategies that are unavailable elsewhere. The S&P Target Tuition Inflation Index, which was our creation, is an example of the level of innovation that we produce. But we also deliver quickly, because we have a flat structure with no ‘flagpole’ up which everything must run. Ordinarily, this would mean our strategies are expensive (good, fast lawyers are not cheap, for example), but we are also inexpensive because we have low overhead and no legacy expenses, unlike the giant asset managers, and we are highly motivated, as entrepreneurs building a business we believe in.

We also know that even if we produce better strategies, at lower cost, and deliver faster and more personalized service than some large “safe name” managers, there are still some clients who will choose the safe name. Are you one of them? If you are, those companies will be happy to charge you more for less...

...but we suspect you are not one of those, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Reach out to us and start a conversation, and challenge us to be good, cheap, and fast!

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